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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crusher, wins and lap records

So about the same time we started bolting parts to the new enduro car tub, we assembled a 20T press we picked up from Harbor Frieght. Noting the bright orange colors of both and that they were both intended to crush stuff (bearings, the competition), I dubbed the new car "Crusher".

Now that we have the shop set up and other projects cleared away, john is putting his head down and making quick progress on the build. Heat shielding going in tunnel. Front subframe with, Energy Suspension bushings, depowered rack, ABS spindles and Xida's go on. Next will be brake lines, some of which will be custom made since we're relocating a few bits here and there.

Last weekend we did the last "short" NASA WERC enduro's at Thunderhill, August 13-14, 2011. Won PTD and the 1hr enduro Saturday as well as the 2hr enduro Sunday. Along the way we set the PTD lap record and we think we also got the E2 lap record for that config as well.