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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rental gets a bit more power, William goes SM

Busy week.

While at Mike Wong's Pit Garage in El Monte picking up some seat brackets for our rental, I spot an '03 that looks like Spec Miata. 39K, never raced, log book, nice cage, perfect body and tub. Mike mentions it's for sale. William has been looking for an SM to go do enduros in, so I call him. Drops what he's doing, shoots down there to look at it. Some SoCal locals might know this one, it's the black NB with Hello Kitty stickers plastered all over it. A bit of haggling and the deal is done. We're going racing!

It doesn't have the SM suspension kit yet, needs a different diff, new wheels, this and that. Trying to get it prepped and set up for the NASA enduro at Buttonwillow on the 18-19 April.

Meanwhile, the 99 rental got a "square top" intake manifold and AEM ECU.Made another 21whp. Awesome. Thing pulls like made all the way to the 7500 rpm fuel cut. FUN. Church's dyno reads about 8-10% higher than Kraftwerks so I think it's probably more like 159 but either way, it's 21 more than it made before the tweaks so I'll take it!


  1. 21 whp increase from 140whp on a N/A Miata must be huge huge. These mods do work. Stock MSM dynos ~150whp/150ft-lbs at 7-8 psi for a comparison.
    How much do you think comes from the AEM ECU/tuning and how much from the new intake manifold ?
    Didn't this car have a AEM ECU on it while making 140 ? I thought I saw it listed in the engine specs on the website months ago ?

  2. 140whp was stock ECU. I think the gains from AEM and manifold were about even. Will find out in a few weeks when we do some more back to back.


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