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Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Daily Driver

This is the salvage title R package I bought last year for $750. Replaced the hood, bumper skins, LF fender. Rad core support was bent as was left frame rail nose so getting panel to fit straight-ish was a challenge. Color is Fiat "orange europcar" code  026. Cheap Maaco overspray spectacular. I got a can of Ford Tungsten gray code T8 for the wheels. Hood, trunk, door jambs not orange yet. I'll do those and the engine compartment when the engine comes out.

Fujitsubo RM-01A exhaust, high flow cat and Racing Beat header. Stock engine and drive train for now but we'll juice it up with the 160whp N/A motor out of our Rental, 6 speed and lightweight F1 flywheel from a 1.6. That engine is 100% OEM mazda parts with a little custom machining. Racing Beat header will come off and be replaced by a non-USDM 01-05 tubular manifold. It's a much better flowing piece than the US and I'm going for an all OEM under hood look, even the airbox. We'll run an AEM EMS but everything else will be 100% Mazda from various years and markets. Coolant reroute, Magnecor wires, OEM replacement plastic Koyo rad from the automatic because it's fatter. 

Added a set of 10/6 Flex with revalved fronts for now, until I can get the Xida's off the 99 swapped onto it. NB front FSB and 12mm rear with our end links. Carbotech XP10/XP8 on it now which feel awesome but are serious overkill for the street and quite dusty. 1521's will feel nearly as sharp and have nearly zero dust. Braided steel lines, plain rotors. We'll replace all the bushings including the diff mounts with Energy Suspension. Contemplating swapping in a spare NB front subframe and suspension I have laying in the shop. Either way will ditch the manual rack for a depowered one. 15x9 6UL's with 225/45 RS3's.

Interior will remain bone stock with the exception of a Momo 78 wheel, NRG quick release and Hard Dog M2 Sport roll bar. Foam cut out of driver seat base to let me sit a bunch lower, otherwise known as a  "foamectomy".

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