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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Club Racing needs a paradigm shift

Auto racing in general, began with two manufacturers pitting disparate designs against each other. As it became commercialized and "the show" was more important than validating a product, BOP adjustments became the norm. Amateurs dream about pro racing but never consider that it is fundamentally, a cost ineffective method of providing close competition. Club racers come and go as budgets briefly bloom then evaporate like the tire smoke they generate. We have to rethink the paradigm by building a series that borrows little from pro racing. The biggest and most painful step is removing the car from the equation. This means one platform, no nooks and crannies in the rules that reward spending wars. Carefully choosing a spec tire that is competitive right down to the cord. Points tables that reward consistency over a few wins. Those are the building blocks. The mortar, as it were, is the mission statement of supporting and coaching both new and experienced drivers from within the series. It should be about the drivers experience, not the fans, promoters or manufacturers. SRF is the largest club racing series in the US and follows this formula. Supermiata was created in the same vein. One single specification for all cars, easily met and monitored performance caps. Native coaching from the "leaders" or most experienced drivers in the series. Inverted grids, short races.Sponsored BBQ for drivers and crew with high quality catered food and beverages Saturday night. Racing now becomes less about the anxiety of the car's competitiveness and more about the excitement of expanding your knowledge under the wing of the pros and national champions running at the front. We're doing things a new way and if the growing field sizes and general buzz are any indication, it is what the drivers have always wanted. Looking forward to 2017 with two new classes and expansion to the east coast with WRL. See you in grid!

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