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Monday, October 6, 2008

V8 Roadsters subframe

The guys at V8Roadsters just sent me this trick new subframe. It's about 10 lbs lighter than stock, much stiffer, uses NB lower pick up points and is red. I could have matched the Lotus Orange a bit better if I was willing to wait for custom powder coating. I was not. So we picked the closest color they had in stock, shot it and here it is.

The NB pick up points lower the front roll center a tad and also change the camber curve a bit. So the 91 now has NB front suspension geometry. The subframe comes with shims to correct bump steer. Been holding off installing the Energy Suspension bushings until this arrived. I'll post more pics once it's in. Now you can see where the space for my battery relocation comes from.

The subframe will also allow a lot more air to flow into the wheel wells from the engine compartment. I think this potential change in air pressure will help improve radiator efficiency. What I don't know is what effect it will have on aerodynamics. On paper at least, it should slightly raise the pressure in the wheel wells. I've been toying with the idea of venting to tops of the front fenders to produce a bit of downforce and reduce drag a tiny bit. The subframe would help with the pressure differential from inside to outside the fender... I think.

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