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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cage in

Picked the OGK up from Drew's Saturday. Dropped of William's NB for the same treatment. William's car has the Kraftwerks Rotrex supercharger. To get my helmet as far below the main hoop as possible, we notched the hard top where it contacted in the corners. Then we laid the seat back to about 25°. Tested a medium gray paint on a section of the cage but it's still too shiny. I can see the reflection in the dash. I love the way a semi gloss white interior and cage looks but can't stand the reflections. Driven gutted and caged cars with white interiors and it's damned annoying. Trying to use as light a color as possible to make working on the car easier and maybe make it a tad cooler, but I don't want reflections inside the windshield. Probably end up with flat black or at least charcoal.

Now I have about 3 weeks to get everything done before Miatas at MRLS
  • Paint cage & interior
  • Make tripod mount for steering column and gauge cluster off of cage and trans tunnel
  • Install and set up prototype XIDA double adjustable coilovers
  • Install V8 Roadsters subframe I got like 3 months ago!
  • Install Energy Suspension bushings all around
  • Assemble engine
  • Install engine
  • Dyno engine
  • Re-do body wrap with revised graphics
No problem.

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