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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More cage pics

Wen't by Drew's today to get the seat fitting and driver position just right. He's putting the harness bar exactly at the height it need to be for me. The main hoop is being located aorudn the Momo seat and my position. Custom is good :)

Squatting on the bare floor of the car while we pushed it into Drew's driveway. Am I going fast yet?
Forgot my camera so I just took a quick cel phone snapshot of one of the main hoop foot boxes. The tiny bit around the belt anchor will get welded in so the anchor is permanent. Otherwise you compromise the integrity of the box and have a built in failure point.

The rear seat bracket mount bosses on the tub have been removed. This will allow me to put the Momo seat right on the floor. Drew will mount the front using the side mount bosses on the seat and a custom bracket that bolts to the stock bracket location in the tub. The rear will have no mount, just resting on the floow with a high density rubber pad, probably a strip of tire sidewall. the seat back will get a brace that's bolted to the harness bar. The FIA seat is quite burly so it should be rock solid.

I'm laying the seat back quite a bit to get my 6-3" frame well under the main hoop. Hard to tell exactly but probably like 25° We have also put little notches in the corner of the roof to raise the main hoop until it's right up against the center of the top. As it sits, my bare head is 3" below the main hoop, my knees don't hit the steering wheel and my helmet won't be resting against the bar that goes from the main hoop to the A pillar. Mission accomplished. Well, not yet.. Mission planned. We'll see when we get everything welded and bolted in.

We're going to try to put a heim joint at the rear of the window net shaft. Much easier to just pull it up and click it in rather than unbelting and trying to see around the wings or having a crew member wrestle with it. This way the driver can actually do it just with belts loosened. Nice for track days when I'm solo.

We're moving the battery cut-off switch inboard so it won't interfere with the passenger harnesses. Still an easy reach for a worker and also for me from the driver's seat. It'll be right next to where the I/O port camera mount should go.

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